About WebDevDesign

Web Dev Design, quality 21st century events+zine+podcast for professional web designers and developers. Web Dev Design's focus is to strengthen web communities, supporting web professionals by distilling the latest technical knowledge through live events, print and digital media.

Our first podcast aired in 2005 and quickly became the popular web design podcast for that year. Web Dev Design podcast returns with a companion zine offering an up to date reference to training, articles, tutorials, events and communities.

Web Dev Design is not just for individuals, it is meant to be shared. Share it with your mates, co-workers, and fellow user group members. Regional tech groups now have a partner to amplify their message to the next wave of adopters with our user group support, publications, and events.

- WebDevDesign.net - quality 21st century events+zine+podcast

WebDevDesign Podcast made a splash with our fun and informative content to thousands of daily subscribers. It is with due pleasure we're announcing a return of WebDevDesign not only in Podcast form but now with a new companion Zine.

Everything has remained free and the near future looks to stay that way.

Fans can listen and read all the latest tidbits of popular web technologies. Featured on iTunes in 2005. With a format beyond dry web news WebDevDesign helps all in web design & development help with what to learn, help you understand new concepts, and help you produce. Come learn more. Knowledge is guaranteed.

Community involvement is encouraged, so we'll want to hear about your blogs, sites, feeds, tweets, and the like. We are you, and you are us.

Zine issue coming soon. Podcasting since 2005. Events scheduled now.